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  • IPv4 proxy servers
  • Supports HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5
  • Authorization by IP address and login with password
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Channel with bandwidth of 100 Mb/sec
Immediately after payment you will receive a proxy for the game Minecraft

Proxies for Minecraft have a wide range of uses in optimizing the game experience and providing additional features to players. One of the main uses of proxies is to improve the stability and speed of connection to Minecraft servers, which is especially important for multiplayer sessions and interacting with different game resources. Proxies also allow geographical restrictions to be overcome, which is useful for players wishing to join servers in other regions. With proxies, players can also provide anonymity and an extra layer of security in the gaming space. In this way, proxies for Minecraft greatly expand the functionality of the game, enhancing the convenience and multifaceted nature of the gaming experience.

All our proxy servers use the fourth version of the Internet Protocol (IPv4), which makes them ideal for interacting not only with the game Minecraft, but also with any other various services and programs. In addition, our proxies support connection via HTTP(s) and SOCKS4/5 network protocols. You can choose which protocol to use when connecting to our proxy servers.

In addition to supporting all popular connection protocols, proxy servers have good speed and unlimited traffic charging. You can connect to proxies by IP-address or login and password. Configured proxies are provided immediately after payment.

We offer to try proxies for free

Want to make sure you can trust us? Test our proxy servers for your purposes within one hour.

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Select tariff

Server proxy

Packages from 100 to 60,000 IP all over the World

Static IPs throughout use

Affordable prices and high quality proxies


Private proxy

Dedicated IPs for personal use

No restrictions on speed and traffic

Maximum channel stability


Rotating proxy

Tariffing based on the number of requests

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited number of streams


UDP proxy

Proxy packets with UDP protocol support

Static IPs throughout use

No restrictions on traffic transfer


*The rental price is in US dollars, you can pay for the order in any currency and by any method.

Popular tariffs

Proxy by target

Service Features



    Proxies support connection via HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 network protocols

  • Proxy IPv4

    Proxy IPv4

    This version of the protocol is compatible with all sites and programs

  • GEO IP

    GEO IP

    Access to proxy servers with IP addresses from around the world

  • Large address pool

    Large address pool

    More than 150,000 IP addresses are available for work

  • Different subnets

    Different subnets

    Proxies are issued from more than 500 class (C) subnets

  • Unlimited traffic

    Unlimited traffic

    No restrictions on the amount of Internet traffic used

  • Good speed

    Good speed

    All proxies are connected to channels with bandwidth of at least 100 Mb/s

  • Two ways of authorization

    Two ways of authorization

    Connecting to the proxy by IP address or login and password

  • API support

    API support

    Loading the list of proxy servers into programs by URL

  • List builder

    List builder

    Quick proxy list generation for manual insertion

  • Updating IP list

    Updating IP list

    Ability to update the list of IP addresses once every 8 days

  • Client panel

    Client panel

    Managing the proxy list and IP authentication through the client panel

Still have questions?

Find the answer to your question or email us if you still have questions.

How do I try proxies for free?

Sign up to get a free test proxy for 60 minutes.

Server proxies with a random list of IP addresses are issued for the test. You can choose the rate, country and number of proxies in the paid version of the service.

How are server proxies different from private proxies?

The main difference between the two tariffs is that server proxies are provided for several users, while private proxies are provided exclusively to one person (IP address channels are not shared between users).

For undemanding users, server proxies are an excellent offer because they are as good as private proxies in terms of technical characteristics and last for their entire service life. Such proxies are well suited not only for narrowly focused purposes, but also for most service tasks.

How long does it take to issue a proxy after ordering?

Proxies according to the selected tariff are provided automatically after payment. If you have problems getting a proxy, please contact support.

What version of the Internet protocol is the proxy?

All proxy servers of the fourth version of the Internet Protocol - IPv4.

What network connection protocols support proxies?

All proxies support connection through network protocols HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5. Users choose which network protocol the proxies will work through.

What authentication methods do proxies support?

Proxies work by binding to an IP address or login authorization with a password. Proxy authentication by username and password only works in conjunction with the binding to the IP address.

Is it possible to use a proxy with a dynamic IP?

Yes. But after each change of IP address you will have to go to the client panel and update the IP binding.

What ports are used for proxy connections?

To operate a proxy with passwordless access, port 8085 for HTTP/HTTPS proxy and port 1085 for SOCKS 4/5 proxy are used.

The proxy with login authorization with password uses port 8080 for HTTP/HTTPS proxy and port 1080 for SOCKS 4/5 proxy.

Can I manually select a city or proxy IP address?

No. Only the proxy country and the number of IPs in the package can be selected when purchasing. The rest of the criteria are randomly generated.

How many subnets and can I select different subnets?

More than 500 class (C) subnets in a common proxy buffer. The list of IPs is not handpicked, but always randomly generated. For each proxy packet, a unique IP list is generated with different subnets and IP address ranges.

How often is the proxy list updated?

All proxies are static, they work for the duration of the lease and do not require daily updates.

The proxy list can be updated once every 8 days. Updating is not mandatory and is applied at the customer's request.

How fast are the proxy servers?

Proxy speed depends on many factors, including the location of the proxy server and the site/resource it is working with.

All proxies are connected to channels with at least 100 Mb/s bandwidth.

For how long can I buy a proxy?

The minimum rental period for a proxy is 30 days. You can extend the lease for 30, 90 and 360 days.

What sites and programs are proxies good for?

IPv4 proxies are compatible to work with any sites and programs. To find out if there are any restrictions from the site you are planning to work with, we recommend to buy a minimum rate or use a trial period.

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Why users choose our service

Proxy5 — is not just a site where you can buy private proxies and server proxies. First of all, our team promotes a unique online service, with which you get the following advantages:

  • Large range of proxy servers;
  • Fast access to proxies;
  • Support for all protocols;
  • Several methods of authentication;
  • Uninterrupted server operation 24/7, 365 days a year;
  • The opportunity to test proxies before buying to make sure of the quality of our services and become our regular customer.

Our service provides quality IPv4 proxies with HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 support with good speed (up to 100 Mb/s), unlimited traffic and long life.

More than 150,000 IP addresses from around the world are at your complete disposal, and proxies are issued from more than 500 class (C) subnets.

Proxies work through authorization by IP-address or through authorization by the generated username and password. You can update the IP binding yourself at any time of the day. You can also optionally update the proxy list every 8 days.

The purchase process does not take much time due to the intuitive interface, convenient payment and automatic IP list issuance. If the proxy does not work for you, you can request a refund through technical support within 24 hours after making the payment.

With us you will get the best proxy rental terms

The flexible range of tariffs of our service allows you to choose the most optimal offer in terms of cost.

  • Large variety of tariffs
  • Lowest prices
  • Favorable lease renewal terms
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Multifunctional client panel
  • Instant processing of orders
  • Automatic issuance of proxy servers
  • Flexible proxy connection setup
  • Daily technical support for customers
  • Large variety of tariffs
  • Lowest prices
  • Favorable lease renewal terms
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Multifunctional client panel
  • Instant processing of orders
  • Automatic issuance of proxy servers
  • Flexible proxy connection setup
  • Daily technical support for customers

Customer reviews of our proxies

The only proxy service that always meets my expectations. I have tried different proxies, from the cheapest to the most expensive, but in the end this service provides the best quality proxies for my tasks. I use them for arbitrage, the large selection of GEOs expands my possibilities when working with different offeers and makes my work in this niche much more effective. I highly recommend everyone to use this service, the guys provide professional service and the best proxy rental conditions.

Lev Shirokov

I would like to express my positive assessment of this service. For a long time I have been searching for reliable proxies for my tasks, and I often had to ask other services to provide me with test access, and not always my requests got a response. However, after contacting this service, I was given a free test period of one hour. And within the first minutes of use I found the perfect solution for my proxy needs. I am looking forward to a long-term cooperation.

Nikolaev Miron

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of geolocations that the Proxy5 service provides. It’s a really extensive selection, and you can easily find a proxy server that suits your needs. As a pricing analyst, I have to get pricing information from different resources. Using these proxy servers makes this process much easier and faster. Highly recommended!

Rodionov Herman

I have been using the service with pleasure for several months now. The huge choice of geographical locations is, in my opinion, one of the largest I have ever seen. Proxies are issued really from different subnets, the list of addresses is as diverse as possible. I especially want to express my gratitude for responsive and prompt support, always ready to help and solve any issues. I am grateful for quality service.

Fyodor Kondratov

The overall assessment of this service is positive, Proxy5 is a really great service. We chose a medium mixed package, and we were completely satisfied with it. The connection speed fully corresponds to the stated speed. We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that all the necessary protocols are supported. During the whole time of use, we did not encounter connection failures. The service provides good customer support, managers perform their work at the highest level. We highly recommend you to try this service.

Mark Skvortsov

Excellent working proxies, they fulfill their function 100%. They have sufficient bandwidth, from one proxy you can work in several streams. The speed is good, the connection is always stable, there are no interruptions. It is nice that the cost of proxies does not change from the selected country, it is very convenient. I was pleased with the wide choice of payment methods, you can quickly pay by card or cryptocurrency. Proxies are issued without delay immediately after payment. For certain purposes it is an ideal solution, the service is made qualitatively.

Ivan Ovsyannikov

Everything is as described, the proxies are really server proxies. The quality of proxies is quite satisfactory, if some of the addresses do not meet my requirements, then the service support is ready to completely replace the list of proxies or partially replace the addresses that do not suit me. I had no problems with setting up and connecting the proxy, the connection is more than stable, the connection is not broken. Prices are very democratic, lease renewal is cheaper, which is very pleasant. Very decent store. Recommended.

Georgy Kharitonov

Great service for those who need quality proxy servers. I have to buy American IP addresses every month (necessary to access some sites and programs). I can say that the price and quality are on par. I’ve been using this service for 5 months, I’m happy with the huge number of payment methods, subscription renewal is more favorable than in other services. Technical support works promptly and is ready to help in case of questions.

Denis Yakovlev

The support of this service leaves a pleasant impression with its high-quality and prompt work. The service provides a variety of geographical locations and different tariff plans, which allows you to choose the best option for specific tasks. I have been using these proxies for parsing for about a year now and have not encountered any serious problems. But I would recommend new users to contact support and clarify which sites and services these proxies are compatible with to avoid misunderstandings.

Smirnov Gleb

This is not the first time I have purchased proxies from this provider, I have tried almost all available packages, from the smallest to the largest. I like packages with American proxies most of all, the speed of loading pages is excellent, parsing English-speaking sites through such proxies is very good. The variety of subnets is pleasant, each package has different addresses. I would especially like to emphasize the work of support, which responds very quickly and is always ready to help. Thank you for the service!

Kirill Popov

I need proxies in order to surf the internet and change my IP address. This service offers excellent quality and yet has low prices, making it the best choice among other similar services I have previously dealt with. The proxy servers function relatively quickly, with no interruptions to the connection. It should also be noted that excellent technical support is provided here, and the consultants are always ready to answer any questions that arise.

Pavel Paramonov

Our company was satisfied with cooperation with the service. The speed and reliability of the connection is top-notch, which allows us to effectively parse any sites. The prices for the services were very reasonable, and we received excellent value for money. The technical support is also commendable – they answered our questions quickly and professionally. We recommend this service to anyone looking for reliable and high quality proxy servers for their projects.

Maslov Timur

Proxies are great for working together with various programs and scripts. Among all the proxies I have tried before, these are considered the best. I was attracted by the low price, a large number of proxies from different countries and support of Socks5 protocol. All proxies are really static and work without interruptions during the whole lease period – exactly what I need. I will definitely recommend this service to my colleagues.

Yaroslav Zolotov

Very good, functional and most importantly reliable service that you can trust. You will not find free public proxy servers here. All proxies work by binding to IP-address, also they can be used together with login and password authorization in different programs. Connection via Socks protocol works perfectly, I installed it on the server – proxies work uninterruptedly for 6 months, the main thing is to renew the lease in time. I recommend you to try the service, proxies are really good.

Andrey Sobolev

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