We have collected for you the answers to the most popular questions of our clients. You can always ask your question through the feedback form.

General questions
Technical questions

How do I try proxies for free?

Sign up to get a free test proxy for 60 minutes.

Server proxies with a random list of IP addresses are issued for the test. You can choose the rate, country and number of proxies in the paid version of the service.

How are server proxies different from private proxies?

The main difference between the two tariffs is that server proxies are provided for several users, while private proxies are provided exclusively to one person (IP address channels are not shared between users).

For undemanding users, server proxies are an excellent offer because they are as good as private proxies in terms of technical characteristics and last for their entire service life. Such proxies are well suited not only for narrowly focused purposes, but also for most service tasks.

How long does it take to issue a proxy after ordering?

Proxies according to the selected tariff are provided automatically after payment. If you have problems getting a proxy, please contact support.

What version of the Internet protocol is the proxy?

All proxy servers of the fourth version of the Internet Protocol – IPv4.

What network connection protocols support proxies?

All proxies support connection through network protocols HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5. Users choose which network protocol the proxies will work through.

What authentication methods do proxies support?

Proxies work by binding to an IP address or login authorization with a password. Proxy authentication by username and password only works in conjunction with the binding to the IP address.

Is it possible to use a proxy with a dynamic IP?

Yes. But after each change of IP address you will have to go to the client panel and update the IP binding.

What ports are used for proxy connections?

To operate a proxy with passwordless access, port 8085 for HTTP/HTTPS proxy and port 1085 for SOCKS 4/5 proxy are used.

The proxy with login authorization with password uses port 8080 for HTTP/HTTPS proxy and port 1080 for SOCKS 4/5 proxy.

Can I manually select a city or proxy IP address?

No. Only the proxy country and the number of IPs in the package can be selected when purchasing. The rest of the criteria are randomly generated.

How many subnets and can I select different subnets?

More than 500 class (C) subnets in a common proxy buffer. The list of IPs is not handpicked, but always randomly generated. For each proxy packet, a unique IP list is generated with different subnets and IP address ranges.

Do proxy IP addresses match when buying multiple identical packages?

No. Each proxy packet has a unique list of IP addresses. The list is randomly generated from the buffer of free proxy IP addresses.

How often is the proxy list updated?

All proxies are static, they work for the duration of the lease and do not require daily updates.

The proxy list can be updated once every 8 days. Updating is not mandatory and is applied at the customer’s request.

How fast are the proxy servers?

Proxy speed depends on many factors, including the location of the proxy server and the site/resource it is working with.

All proxies are connected to channels with at least 100 Mb/s bandwidth.

What are the limitations on the amount of Internet traffic?

There are no restrictions on the amount of Internet traffic you can use.

For how long can I buy a proxy?

The minimum rental period for a proxy is 30 days. You can extend the lease for 30, 90 and 360 days.

How long will the proxies work after purchase?

Our proxies work on the best modern equipment and are maintained only by experienced professionals, so the proxies are always in working order and work steadily throughout the duration of the lease.

Proxies are based on Windows or Linux?

All proxies are deployed based on Linux.

Are proxies defined as Data Center or ISP?

«ISP» proxies are present in the general buffer, but are very rare. All other proxies are defined as «Data Center».

What sites and programs are proxies good for?

IPv4 proxies are compatible to work with any sites and programs. To find out if there are any restrictions from the site you are planning to work with, we recommend to buy a minimum rate or use a trial period.

How do I get a list of proxies after payment?
  1. Log in to your personal cabinet. Select the «Services» tab in the top menu and go to the «My Services» section.
  2. In the list that appears, click on the service with the «Active» status, set the IP binding (specify the IP address from which you will work with the proxy, you can find it out through whoer.net) and click on «Set».
  3. Read the suggested settings, choose the appropriate ones and download the list of proxies as a «TXT» or «CSV» file.

Where do I get the Login and Password for proxy authorization?

The login and password for proxy authorization can be found on your tariff page before the IP binding field. To get to your tariff page, select the «Services» tab on the top menu and go to «My Services». In the list that appears, click on the service with the «Active» status.

What to do if proxies don’t work or stop working?

Proxy servers may not work if the binding to the IP-address is set incorrectly in the personal cabinet and the connection port was not correctly specified when setting up the proxy.

To update IP binding, go to your tariff page and set IP binding (specify the IP address from which you will work with the proxy, you can find out through whoer.net) and click on the «Set» button.

To run a proxy with passwordless access, you must use port 8085 or 1085. To run a proxy with login authorization with password you must use port 8080 or 1080.

If after purchase your proxies worked, but after some time they stopped working, you need to go to the client panel and on the page of your tariff update IP binding. This problem can occur if the IP address from which you used the proxy has been updated.

How do I check if a proxy works?

The easiest way to make sure our proxies work is to set up a proxy with password-free access through port 8085 in any browser you have access to.

Why does the proxy checker show that the proxies are not working?

Our proxies work by binding to an IP address, so this tool is unable to detect proxy work. You can check the work of the proxy by adjusting it in a normal browser.

Can I bind one proxy packet to 4 IPs at once?

No. Each proxy packet is bound to one IP address. If you need to bind proxies to several IPs, you need to buy additional packets (the list of proxies for each packet will be different).

If you need to bind a particular proxy list to several IP addresses, we can offer you a solution: order additional proxy packages with the same number of IPs, then write to us and we will make a single proxy list for these proxy packages.

Why does the GEO check show a different proxy country?

We have seen more than once that the same proxy on three different checking sites shows different GEO IPs. And this is not a problem of the proxy, it is a problem of the resource where you check GEO.

We only sell our own server proxies. And we ourselves register their belonging to this or that country. There are several organizations which are engaged in the distribution of IP by country:

  1. AFRINIC (Africa) — www.afrinic.net — whois.afrinic.net
  2. APNIC (Asia Pacific) — www.apnic.net — whois.apnic.net
  3. ARIN (North America) — www.arin.net — whois.arin.net
  4. LACNIC (Latin America and the Carribean) — www.lacnic.net — whois.lacnic.net
  5. Europe — www.ripe.net

Every GEO IP service should regularly update their data from these resources. But the problem is that most of these services get this information from different sources and at different intervals. Some services update their GEO bases regularly, while others do not do it for years. We are not able to answer for such services.

To check the GEO, we recommend using the service www.ripe.net, this resource frequently updates its geo-bases (updates bases from 5 regional Internet registrars), its data is closest to reality.

How do I update my proxy list?

The proxy list can be updated once every 8 days. There is a timer on your tariff page, after 8 days it is replaced by a button that allows you to update your proxy list.

How do I make a refund?

If the proxies are not suitable for you, you can request a refund within 24 hours after purchase. For a refund you need to contact the Support Service.

You can also cancel an active order and the funds will be transferred to the internal account balance for further orders. Cancellation request is available once every three days.